Photo Branding in Norcross, Lilburn, Atlanta Georgia.

According to Smallbusiness. bc, a brand is “the emotional and psychological associations that a person makes with your business, product or service” 1 . Photography is an integral part your company’s brand enabling it to stand out among its competitors. With any kind of branding, your photo imagery needs to be consistent for quick and easy visual recognition by potential customers.

Most companies have a style guide set up for their branding, which typically includes logo application, colors, font styles and imagery, etc. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that every piece of customer internal marketing is visually consistent across the board.

If a company has a line of products that are similar but look different (i.e., a line of lipsticks), we will want to make sure these products are photographed in a similar manner, so they are clearly recognizable as belonging to their brand.

Photographers can create a look and style of lighting that will be consistent from shoot to shoot. For example, we created a unique lighting set up for a shoe company to be implemented on hundreds of shoe images. This helped customers recognize our client’s brand of shoe over others in the industry.

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