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Your company needs stunning visual content to convince customers to make the journey to your brick-and-mortar location or purchase an item from your online store that they won’t get to touch first. We can provide striking, affordable product shots for your website and creative visual product interpretations for use in advertising campaigns and store decor. We have experience shooting:

  • Lifestyle product
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Food

When it comes to product photography, Atlanta-area businesses should look no further than Armitage Photography.

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Benefits of Enticing Product Images

Recent statistics indicate that three-quarters of e-commerce shoppers rely on high-quality professional product photos to examine an item before making purchases. Beautiful visual content from your website is also more likely to be shared on social media.

How Much Does a Product Photoshoot Cost?

Product photography services have a complex structure with many variables; however, you can generally expect to pay between $150-$500 per hour for a professional commercial shoot, which might translate to about $200-$1,500 per product.

Some factors that influence the rate and length of a project include:

  • Set construction for home products and furniture
  • Styling of food, clothing or jewelry
  • Models and sets for lifestyle products
  • Assistance with oversized or heavy items

In summary, you should carefully consider your needs and enter into an agreement you understand and feel comfortable with.

Where Is the Best Place To Take Pictures in Atlanta GA?

The advantage of product photography is that much of it can be done by using a set or a large, curved wall called a cyclorama. Photographers that specialize in products often have studios with large inventories of props and walls for backgrounds. Some even have complete and operational kitchens to prepare and style food. Studios also have photo stations ready with a digital camera, a computer and software to view and edit pictures as they are taken.

Professional Product Photographers

Product photography requires a blend of technical skill and creativity. A good product photographer can make an accurate representation of an item in an image. A great product photographer can turn it into art or make it seem alive.

Is There Demand for Product Photography?

Consumers who are unable to visit brick-and-mortar businesses rely on product images from companies’ websites. In turn, product photography Atlanta is not only rising in demand but is also becoming a more challenging and creative process.

Buyers are wary of e-commerce photos that don’t perfectly match the actual product. An unedited photograph may be more appreciated, but it requires extraordinary skill and investment on the part of the photographer to get it right the first time.

On the other hand, advertising businesses rely on great first impressions, which means that intense, vivid images are still sought after. Creative product photography and editing capture the essence of a brand with visuals that demand consumers’ attention.

How Much Money Do Product Photographers Make?

According to Payscale, product photographers make an average annual salary of around $48,500, but there are factors that can dramatically influence the amount and consistency of a photographer’s income. After location, the number one consideration for a product photographer is taking projects on a freelance basis or working in-house for a photography studio.

If the goal is a steady, reliable workflow with less stress, the advantages of taking a W-2 position in a studio are clear. Although the photography business ebbs and flows like any other, an in-house product photographer in Atlanta has more job security. Even if there are no active projects, in-house commercial photographers are more likely to keep their jobs.

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Don’t risk losing business with a lackluster digital photograph shot with an iPhone against a white background. Atlanta product photographer John Armitage has the training, experience and a studio environment to make your products come to life. Contact us to schedule your photoshoot today.






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