Photographic Consulting in Norcross, Lilburn, Atlanta Georgia.

Your business may have a need for a photo consultation to determine your needs, issues or problems with photography. 

Your company may want to take photography in house to cut costs or make it more convenient for your staff to get the assets they need quickly.  Even help stop the spread of Covid-19 by not exposing your staff to a different environment.

Your products may be so large that it is impractical and not cost effective to ship them for photography purposes.

You may have a photographic component in your manufacturing process that needs to be evaluated.

This is we can help.  We will assess your concerns and needs and come up with a solution. If we find there is nothing that we can do, you won’t be charged.

We can help your company set up an in-house studio. Make equipment recommendations, evaluate how much space you will need, and a good ergonomic flow so the images can be rendered as efficiently as possible. What kind and how much you will need to deliver top quality imagery.

We can provide training to your in-house photographer.

We can provide a number of quality photographers to hire full or part-time.

We can study your processes to see if anything needs to be changed or updated.

For example, we were asked to evaluate the photo process of a company that produces premium items with children’s art printed on them, such as mugs, plates, mousepads, etc. The client was concerned about the accuracy of color reproduction on the finished products. Most looked muted and dull compared to their competitor’s products which appeared much more vibrant. After examining their setup, we discovered several areas in need of improvement and suggested they adjust how they photographed the artwork and processed the images in post-production. By implementing these changes, the resulting imagery was vibrant and truer to the original artwork. We saved them millions in return orders and reprinting. The client was extremely happy with our efforts to improve their bottom line.  

Pricing is based on each individual company’ needs. Please call to set up an evaluation.






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