Questions to Ask before Hiring a Product Photographer
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Questions to Ask before Hiring a Product Photographer

Before you may even begin to sign a contract with a potential product photographer, there are a few important things that you must first consider. The marketing and branding industry is getting more competitive by the minute, and if your product images aren’t garnering you new customers, it may only mean that you are getting left behind by your competitors.

In such a case, you must be aware of these different pointers before hiring a product photographer to handle your brand. We have listed a couple of them below for your reference.

1. Has This Photographer Worked for My Specific Product Category Before?

You should first ask the photographer if they have worked for your specific product category before. If the photographer hasn’t done so, it would be better if you take your time to hire someone who has more experience with your specific products.

2. Are the Photographers Working for Me for a Long Period of Time?

You should also ask the photographer if their team is working for you for an extended period of time. If they are, you can expect much better quality and efficiency.

3. Can the Photographer Explain Why They Prefer the Product to Be Shot in a Certain Way?

If the photographer can’t share with you why they prefer shooting the product in a certain way, it would be better if you find another photographer who can explain it to you. Clarity and communication are always the keys to success, and being discreet about their methods may yield undesirable results.

4. Do You Have an In-Depth Understanding of the Product I’m Selling?

If they don’t have an in-depth understanding of what you’re selling, they will not be able to make the right decisions when it comes to shooting the product.

5. Will I Have Any Direct Contact with My Photographer?

You should also ask the photographer if you’ll be able to have direct contact with them. If you’re given only their mailbox as a detail, you may not be able to reach them at all, especially when asking for details about the product images.

6. Are They the One Directing the Whole Photography Process?

If they’re not the one directing the whole process, then you may have to communicate with another person. You don’t want to be bogged down in multiple communications if you want to get the job done quickly.

7. What Are the Details of the Equipment Used?

Finally, you should ask what kind of equipment is being used for the shooting and the post-processing. If the photographer uses high-end equipment, you can expect higher-quality product images.


All in all, you need to know and understand the essential details that you need to consider when hiring a product photographer for your business. Despite being a relatively new field, product photography has proven to be a big help for e-commerce businesses, especially those with physical products to sell.

If you’re running an online shop, you should consider hiring one to take photos that may attract more customers to your venture. Just remember to do your homework on your photographer in the early stages of your business. Look at their previous work, see if they’re a good fit personality-wise, ask them relevant questions about their experiences, and find out what equipment they use.

Doing this will not only make your business more professional and presentable to your clients, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

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