3 Ways Product Photography Can Help Your Business Grow
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3 Ways Product Photography Can Help Your Business Grow

Most of us grew up being taught the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, this motto isn’t necessarily something that applies when it comes to running a business and selling products. In today’s digital age, everyone bases their purchasing decisions on what they see on their screens. First impressions last, and they matter a lot. They also make the difference between raking in profit or not at all. Modern consumers have every right to judge a product by how it’s presented because a visual judgment is one of the only things they can go by. Buyers in your target market make their purchase decisions within milliseconds. For this reason, you need to adapt by ensuring that your offerings pop up on their screens in the best way possible. Fortunately, there’s one key tool that you can use to help take your sales to the next level: product photography.

Why Product Photography Is the Tool You Need

If you’re looking for a tool that will allow you to enhance the user experience on your website and increase your revenue, here’s why product photography is the way to go:

1. Product Photography Matches Instant Decisions 

Today’s consumers make purchasing decisions in mere milliseconds, and product photos are the perfect way to help your efforts catch up.

In a study, researchers found that it takes users only 50 milliseconds to determine whether they like your website or not, and decide whether they’ll stay on the site or move on. With every millisecond crucial in making a lasting impression, it’s vital to have the necessary elements that will affirm their decisions. 

When you invest in product photography, you’re giving yourself an advantage. Your website doesn’t just contain words that show why a visitor should buy a product, but it also has the images to back it all up. High-quality photos resolve any potential doubt!

2. Product Photography Plugs the Gaps in Your Website 

If you’ve dedicated time and resources to make sure your website looks great, congratulations! You already have a step up on your competitors. If not, you can use pristine product photos to fill the gaps.

According to Adobe, 38 percent of people stop engaging with a website if the content and/or layout is unattractive. This includes websites that look organized but have no visual flair to them. By investing in product photography, you can use your meticulously designed layout as a pathway that will lead visitors straight to your products and seal the deal.

3. Product Photography Helps You Make the Best First Impression

Here’s something you need to know about your customers: the average consumer’s attention span is a lot shorter than ever. And it’s expected to reduce even more over time!

To combat the growing threat of shrinking attention spans, it’s critical to present your products in a way that gets consumers hooked the moment they see them. This is where product photography comes in handy. With the help of an expert like Armitage Photography Inc., you can ensure that your listings cut through all the digital noise. You are sure to get photos that stand out! 


Amid shrinking consumer attention spans and the pressure of split-second decision-making, your business faces all sorts of challenges in your attempts to rake in more sales. Through the help of product photography, you can attract more opportunities that bear the best possible results in no time!

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