The Power of Goal Setting for Professional Photographers
Goal Setting

The Power of Goal Setting for Professional Photographers

A tool all photographers should use more often is the power of goal setting. This can seem somewhat lackluster or boring to most creatives, but the benefits outweigh the time it takes to invest in such a process. One way to get into the goal-setting mindset is to engage in a goal-setting workshop. It’s as simple as Googling goal-setting workshops in your area.

Goal Setting Basics

Most workshops only require a one-hour investment, and you’ll find it’s vital to redirect your energy in a constructive manner.

STEP 1: First, list anything and everything that you would like to achieve. This might be a mind-boggling task, but it’s a fun exercise. It’s similar to a wish list of future accomplishments. It should be a brainstorming session without constraints. Absolutely every thought you have is as far-reaching as your imagination takes you.

STEP 2: Separate your goals into categories organized by time. You’ll have categories for one month, one year, five-year, ten-year, and even 20-year goals. Once you have your goals down on paper, you’ll then rank the most important goals in each time category.

STEP 3: Address each goal by writing down what it would mean to you to accomplish said goal and what it would mean to you if you didn’t. This helps prioritize your goals in order of importance.

STEP 4: Take immediate action towards your most important goals. Make a phone call, sign up for a class, seek out a mentor. Engage in something to start you down the path to accomplishment. By the time you are finished, you will see that you have created a list of goals in order of importance and with a timeline for success.

Now that you have the road laid out before you, all you have to do is follow it until the end. Now you have a destination.

How Goal Setting Impacted My Life & Career

As a young photographer, I found it challenging to navigate the waters of the photography industry and the many paths to take. After a few years of thinking about what I wanted to do, I finally took a goal-setting workshop. It helped me to, very quickly, decide my short-term and long-term goals and place them in order of importance.

When I first did the workshop, I didn’t think that much about it. Five years later, I found the original notes I had written during the workshop. Low and behold, I had accomplished all the goals I had set. I was truly amazed at how much that goal-setting exercise influenced every decision I made. These were not small, easily achieved goals but difficult and, at the time, seemingly impossible goals. Among them were getting married, having children, buying a house, having my own studio, and making a certain amount of money.

So, once I had realized all of those goals, I did another goal-setting workshop and set new goals. In a few years, I had accomplished those goals as well. I have had many interns from local photo schools here in Atlanta, Georgia, and I always have them do a goal-setting workshop on day one. I’m often curious to know how many of the goals they’ve actually accomplished.

I continue to set new goals regularly. Writing them down makes them real. Never underestimate the power of goal setting. It will help you to layout a clear path of the things you really want to do and give you a road map to get there. As with everything in life, you need a destination in order to pick the right road to travel.

I hope you were able to take away a few tips to help you further develop your photography career and achieve all your goals. For more information about me and how to book my services, please reach out via email at or via phone at 404.247.5458. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for exceptional photo inspiration as well as photography tips and tricks.

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