Everything You Need to Know about eCommerce Photography
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Everything You Need to Know about eCommerce Photography

ECommerce photography captures your products to create a visual stand in your online shopping store for your consumers. It can enhance the product’s appeal and allow the consumer to experience the feel, look, and overall product before it is in their hands.

For instance, if you sell clothing on your site, your product photography will show a potential buyer how a specific piece of clothing looks for a person, not only as a flat image.

Also, eCommerce photography will show your product in action. It is important to display your product in motion because your potential buyer needs to know what will happen when they buy your product. For example, when a shopper buys a blender on your site, they want to know how it will look on their countertop.

An eCommerce photoshoot is more than placing a product on a white background and snapping a picture. It is an art combining product knowledge, technical skills, and photography.

The Standard Qualities of Ecommerce Product Photography

Though there is no one rule in terms of set standards, certain guidelines will help you better understand what consumers are used to seeing in terms of eCommerce product photography.

Image Quality

When people shop online, you want to make sure they can see what they are buying. Your product photography should be clear, sharp, and show all the details of your product.

Color Quality

Consumers are used to seeing product color through images, so you want to make sure that the colors are accurate. Though everyone’s computer monitor varies, the colors in your pictures should be true to what you want to sell.

Lighting Quality

Since you are photographing your product to represent what it looks like, the product should appear right in different lighting conditions. For instance, if you have a blender, you want to show the product with bright, indirect light to prove the blender’s effect on liquids and the product in its actual state.


Your product photography should show the depth of what you’re selling. For instance, if you offer clothing, the product should show how it will look in person.


You want to show the product in its entirety without cropping the image so that your potential buyers can get a full indication of the product.

In addition, it is crucial to photograph each product as if buyers are purchasing it online. ECommerce photography is supposed to mimic a real shopping experience for your potential customers. Therefore, consider the following when photographing your products:

  • What does it look like in a natural setting?
  • How can the photography make the product look larger?
  • How can the lighting enhance the product’s appeal?
  • How can the background enhance the look of the product?
  • What professional styling can you add to the product to make it look better?
  • How can you make the product look more professional with minimal effort?

The Objectives of eCommerce Product Photography

There are several goals of eCommerce photography that will allow you to gain an edge over your competitors, and these include:

  • Show product value
  • Provide context
  • Give product information (material, color, size, etc.)
  • Make it easy for your customers
  • Show product flexibility
  • Achieve product versatility
  • Offer user-generated content
  • Show product effectiveness
  • Display product features
  • Show product style
  • Obtain instant sale
  • Create positive emotion
  • Develop a sense of trust


If you consider the points above and apply them to your product photography, you will make your online shopping experience a positive one for your consumers. ECommerce photography is a necessary tool to make the online shopping experience a positive one for your potential customers.

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