Amazon’s Requirements for Product Images
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Amazon’s Requirements for Product Images

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms worldwide, and it has buyers coming from different parts of the world. What that means for you as a business owner is that you can totally make the most of what this website offers and boost the exposure of your retail products online. 

If you are serious about getting your products on Amazon, you should seriously consider getting professional photography services so your products will be showcased in the best light possible. Aside from that, though, you should be aware of Amazon’s image requirements. Yes, there are some strict guidelines that you need to follow for the photos to be approved by the platform. You don’t have to go elsewhere, though, as we’ll talk about those requirements in this post:

Technical Requirements for the Photos

One of the first things you should know about are the technical requirements for Amazon photos:

  • The image should be at least 500px in length but not more than 10,000px.
  • The file size should not be bigger than 10Mb.
  • The picture zoom should start at 1000px on its longest  and 500px on its shortest sides
  • The image file should be in GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format, with JPEG the most preferred format.
  • The color space should only be Srgb.
  • The requirements for crop ratio is 1:1 to 5:1 but the recommended is 1:1.

The Requirements for the Main Image

There are certain requirements that need to be met for the main image. It is the big photo that you see after doing a search online along with its competitors. Naturally, you want it to stand out. Amazon has set the following requirements for the main photo for listings:

  • The photo should look professional and it should accurately show the product. It means what the photo should show is exactly what the actual product looks like, so customers won’t be confused or misled. 
  • The product should occupy at least 85% of the frame for clarity. 
  • The photograph should be completely focused on the product and every detail should be clearly captured. It should have smooth edges and attention should be given both to the actual color and size of the product.
  • The image’s background should be white.

What You Need to Avoid for the Main Image

There are some features that the giant e-commerce platform prohibits when it comes to the main image:

  • Drawings, sketches, or paintings representing the product for sale
  • Misleading information like images of accessories in the main photo that are not actually included in the package
  • Photos with graphics, imagery, or texts
  • Watermarks on the main photo. Only owners of the photo can use them on Amazon
  • Any external branding, except in the cases of clothing photography

Requirements for Other Images

As you know, there are other smaller photographs displayed along with the product once the viewer opens your page. Sellers are allowed up to nine extra images, as long as they meet these requirements:

  • The images should clearly show the product 
  • The image should show the product’s accurate specifications, including color, size, edges, and others.
  • The product should make up no less than 85% of the frame.
  • You may use accessories but only for the purpose of demonstrating the product. Also, it should be clear that those are not included in the product they’re paying for. 
  • Close up images and cropped photos are not allowed.
  • Simple graphics and short texts may be added as long as they do not interfere with the main focus of the image.
  • You can use any background color as long as the main focus remains the product.

Requirements for Clothing Photography

Amazon has a specific set of requirements for clothing items:

  • The models cannot be in sitting or kneeling positions that could interfere with the actual details of the clothes.
  • There shouldn’t be any watermarks on the photo.
  • There shouldn’t be any branding logos, except for stockings or socks. 
  • There shouldn’t be multiple images of the same garment, meaning if one shirt for example is available in five different sizes and colors then there should be a different listing for each specification. 


Considering how amazing Amazon is as an e-commerce platform, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to show a wider audience what you’re offering. Make sure that you follow the product photography requirements of the platform, so there won’t be any problems with your listing.

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