Essential Editing Tips for Ecommerce Product Photos
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Essential Editing Tips for Ecommerce Product Photos

If your brick-and-mortar shop requires an impressive storefront and product arrangement, then you should give the same love to your eCommerce website, even if it’s only through your photos. All your customers and potential leads will be going through every product and looking at each photo before they hit the “Add to Cart” button. Although perfection isn’t what we’re after, it’s important to edit your product photos to help them look presentable and appealing. With that being said, some eCommerce business owners get product photography services. This is because not only will you get professional photos taken of your products, but your photographer will also take time to edit these photos to ensure they are amazing on your website. If you’re curious about how you should edit your product photos, keep reading. Here are some professional photographer-approved tips on editing your product photos for your eCommerce website. Let’s take a look!

Tip #1: Have a Clean Background

When you take product photos, your goal is to ensure that the viewer’s attention goes straight to your products. Depending on what type of product you have, removing and having a clean background is critical to make your products shine on your webpage. 

To do this, ensure that your products are placed on a white background, allowing you to easily edit out imperfections and adjust the contrast of your photos. With that, you’ll have a cleaner and crisper image of your products. 

Tip #2: Do Some Spot Retouching

Ideally, your products should be clean for the photoshoot, but there are times when we miss a fingerprint or tiny little stain. Fortunately, you can do spot retouching during the editing process of your videos. 

Spot retouching isn’t only limited to products; you can also do some retouching on your models to enhance their look and remove some blemishes and scars. Working with a professional photographer is key when it comes to spot retouching so that your photos look natural and convincing.

Tip #3: Mind the Colors

After you’ve fixed your background and fixed your photos with some spot retouching, the next thing you’ll want to do is to make adjustments to the color of your photos. 

Color correction is important since it removes unwanted tinting and shades in your photos. If you want a warmer look, but your lighting in the studio has cool tones, color correction can help remove the blue tinge on your products. Besides that, you can help enhance different areas in your photos with color correction, enabling you to give your audience visual cues when they look at your product photos. 

The Bottom Line: Product Photography is Best When You Work With Professionals

Sure, it can be quite tempting to DIY your product photoshoot, but you’ll come to realize that it takes a lot of knowledge and equipment to get fantastic shots in every frame. Not to mention, the editing process can be pretty tedious as well. 

The key here is to work with professional photographers so they can guide you through the whole process. From brainstorming to the photoshoot day and the editing process, a reliable photographer can cover all these stages. 

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