The Best Branding Photos to Take for Your Business

The Best Branding Photos to Take for Your Business

Branding is a vital part of establishing a business. The goal is to leave a lasting impression about your product or service that leads consumers to choose you. Branding sets you apart from the competition by selling your business as the “better choice.” Photography can aid your business in establishing its brand. Professional photographers now offer commercial photography services for brands to avail, making it easier to produce high-quality material. However, out of all the photography styles today, which ones work best for your business? Here are some of the best techniques to choose from to solidify your brand:

1. Professional

Professional photos are essential to show off the business side of things. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes way to promote your products. Professional photos usually consist of client meetings, employee and employer interactions, or the boss hard at work. Capture what you do at work and show it to your consumers. Taking a professional photo can give a sense of what it’s like to work for the business.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle photos show your product or service at work. The goal of lifestyle photos is to show that your product or is something people can see themselves using in the future. Images produced with this theme should use real people as models to make them believable. 

What makes it work is its ability to relate to the consumers while subtly promoting your offerings. Other ideas for lifestyle photography include different ways to use the product, showing how versatile it can be. 

3. Flat-Lay and Detail Shots

The most crucial aspect of branding is to make sure the consumers are familiar with your product. Flat Lay and detail shots are the best themes to use for this task since they show the product or service in detail. It provides a closer look, making it easier to recognize. 

It is also a creative way to highlight the product. However, make sure that flat-lay and detail shots show the accurate representation of the brand while providing a visual variety. This type of photo is tricky as it lays the product as bare as possible. When done right, the images should be able to put your business in good light.


Remember that providing great products or services only equates to half the business’s success. Creating the brand around the company can help establish the product or service in the industry. Consider utilizing the art of photography in bringing your brand to life.

John Armitage is a photography genius who helps curate only the best photos for his clients. His hobby developed into a passion until he decided to take professional classes for photography. In 1993, John moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles to start a new life. Now based in Norcross, Georgia, he established Armitage Photography in the hopes of providing quality photos to customers backed by years of experience as a professional photographer. 

Armitage Photography offers high-end digital imagery, post-production services, photo consultation, product photography, studio rental, and photo branding in Norcross. They have an in-house studio that can magically transform to any setup preferred by the client. Take a look at the commercial photography service he offers today!

For more information and how to book services, please reach out via email at or via phone at 404.247.5458. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for exceptional photo inspiration as well as photography tips and tricks.

John Armitage

John Armitage is the founder of Armitage Photography, Inc. in Norcross, Georgia. He's passionate about product photography and hosting classes teaching various elements of professional photography in Lilburn and Atlanta, GA.

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