What to Consider When Establishing An In-House Studio
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What to Consider When Establishing An In-House Studio

The Covid-19 crisis may have caused so many heartaches. It brought about the death of more than 5 million people and the economic loss amounting to trillions. Although the number of shots administered gives hope, we still have a long way to go concerning the financial crisis.

As an entrepreneur, you are aware of the implications of the recession on your business. You are looking for ways to keep your business afloat without busting your budget. In this case, you might have considered setting up an in-house studio to optimize your workflow. However, before you take the next step, you might want to mull over a few things.

Weighing the pros and cons of your project will prevent any unwanted consequences. It will also help you make the most out of your endeavor. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Goal

Whatever project you plan to undertake, you must define your goal and determine how it contributes to your company. If you miss this step, you will likely fail to describe the process. Ask yourself if your primary objective is to save money by skipping a third-party contractor, or do you want to prepare yourself to produce large quantities of your work?

Clearly defining your goal will help you control the costs and manage the process. It will prevent any regrets once you start buying the equipment. Skipping this step may be a costly mistake because your enthusiasm may derail you from your primary objective.

Outline the Model

It would be best to outline the model photography studio. Doing this will help you decide what creative services to bring to your in-house studio. Here are a few models to consider:

1.   Classic Studio Model – This means your creative team is assigned team to print or produce banner ads.

2.  In-House Social Media Team – Besides managing shoots, this department oversees your social media account. This lets you kill two birds with one stone, especially if you already have brand followers.

3. Creative Agency Model – With a more expansive team, you can freely execute marketing campaigns across media platforms.

4.   In-House Content Production – This setup gives you the capacity to produce videos and editorial content for the web or mobile device. It’s an effective way to oversee how content production is made.

Your Resources

Once you have chosen the model for your in-house studio, you need to consider the logistics of establishing it. Let us say that you want to have a classic studio model. To achieve this, you need to invest in different hardware and software tools to set this up versus a content production model.

Once you have ironed out the other factors for your in-house studio, you need to consider the resources required for it. This doesn’t just apply to the equipment and digital tools you should have. Most of the time, brands hire a diverse creative staff before defining their goals, including photographers, layout artists, graphic designers, and more. Keep in mind that a larger team will demand more from your salary budget, so you should be mindful about having too many people on your payroll.


Thankfully, several staffing agencies can help you organize and manage your in-house photography studio. Engaging in their services gives you the flexibility to find out which model will work best for your business before you make a long-term commitment.

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