5 Best Techniques to Improve Product Photos on Instagram
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5 Best Techniques to Improve Product Photos on Instagram

Instagram has turned from the top photo-sharing application to the leading selling application in the market. As its strength includes high-quality photos and the ability to share them in an instant, it’s no wonder people jumped at the idea of selling on the social media platform.

However, unlike other eCommerce platforms, Instagram has set a higher standard in product photography and presenting the products overall; as a result, advertising their effects on the platform needed to focus on the photo before the creation. But how do people improve their product photos on Instagram without hiring photographers near them? Here’s how.

1. Pick the Correct Filters

The first thing that you need to do before taking a photo is to check the available filters Instagram has. Go through the filter gallery and see if you could use any filters to produce a better picture. Also, check to see which filter you should use to present your product. For example, use it if your product looks better with a sepia filter. However, if your product looks better with a black and white filter or a specific filter with a particular color, it is better to use it.

2. Use a Good Camera

Next, you need to inspect the camera you’ll use for your product photography. We live in an age where the camera is essential for product photography. Even though we don’t take full advantage of the camera by producing large, high-quality photos, it is still a huge factor in determining whether the image will look good or not.

Most cameras nowadays have advanced features that can help you produce a better photo. However, if you plan to use a smartphone to take pictures, make sure you have an excellent mobile device. The last thing you would want is to have blurry photos because of a bad camera.

3. Adjust Settings

Once the formalities become final, you can now take the photo. Before pressing the shutter button, you should change the settings for your product photography. Adjustments include adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the picture.

As mentioned above, the brightness of the photo is one of the main factors to make your product pop. On the other hand, the contrast and saturation can make the colors seem more vibrant and attractive. Also, change the focus of the photo to the product. By doing so, you can avoid the photo’s background from being too overwhelming.

4. Take the Photos at Daytime

Most people take photos at night, but you need to avoid it for product photography. If you’re selling your products on Instagram, you also want to make sure that your photos look good in the daylight. If you take pictures at night, the quality of the image will be affected because of the bad lighting. Also, you might run into problems with exposure.

5. Edit the Photos

The final part of the process is to edit the photos on Instagram. After taking the images, you can now use editing applications such as Photoshop and Lightroom to edit them. When applying the edits, it is better to use the aforementioned adjustments. Through careful editing, you can ensure the quality of the photo before it gets published.


Product photography is something that you need to pay attention to on Instagram. If you want to sell your products on the platform, the photo of your product is a huge factor that you should focus on. However, by the best techniques in taking Instagram photos, you can learn how to improve your product photography on the application. If you can take a picture that looks great, your product will sell very quickly.

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