10 Professional Product Photography Tips for Beginners – Part 2

10 Professional Product Photography Tips for Beginners – Part 2

In a world obsessed with visuals, high-quality product photography has become crucial in any successful marketing campaign. Thankfully, you can utilize simple tools and techniques to create something beautiful. This article is part two of a pair of articles about professional product photography. Make sure to check out part one and all the essential information included there. In the previous post, you read about product photography basics and some tips to help you begin. Read on for more tips that will help you deliver fantastic photographs for your business.

More Professional Product Photography Tips for Beginners:

5. Use Multiple Angles

With every product you photograph, you should exhaust all the possible angles possible with your setup. Taking multiple shots from several angles will give you many options when it’s time to edit. Painstakingly moving from one angle to another will also likely spark new, creative ideas that you can implement on the spot.

6. Keep Your Props Simple

As discussed in the previous post, your product photographs should be put in context. Your customer should be able to imagine using your product every day. This means utilizing related props in the background.

However, you must keep your props as simple as possible. The photographs should keep your product front and center. Your customers should know within one glance what product you’re selling—you don’t want to confuse them with attention-grabbing things in the background.

7. Embrace Simplicity

Just as you need simple props, you should keep your backdrops as basic as possible. In fact, when it comes to product photography, something as simple as a plain white background will do wonders to emphasize the best aspects of the item you’re selling. Crisp and clean colors are relaxing to the eye, and it’s one of the best practices that experienced photographers will teach you.

8. Show Your Range

Besides photographing individual products for store listings, you should also populate your social media platform with photos showing off your range of products.

If you are a home baker, your photos will appeal to a wide range of tastes if you photograph all your baked goods together as an array of food. If you sell materials for arts and crafts, you will be able to attract many hobbyists if you have photos that have all your products put together.

9. Get into the Details

With every photograph, you should try to include all the pertinent details of the product you are selling. Product descriptions are all well and good, but with people’s attention spans dwindling, you want to catch their attention in just one glance. If your product has nitty-gritty details that will help your marketing push, make sure you are snapping and posting photos of these specific features.

10. Look for Inspiration

If you are passionate about art, photography, and advertising, you likely already have social media accounts and brands that you enjoy looking at. There’s nothing wrong with looking to others for inspiration—you can quickly develop new techniques and brainstorm unique ideas when jumping off someone else’s creativity.


High-quality, creative, strategic product photography will help you rise above the competition and catch the eye of the billions of people who browse the internet and social media every single day. A simple setup and basic photography tips can help you take fantastic product photos for yourself or a client.

This is part two of two in our blog series discussing product photography tips for beginners. Make sure to check our blog for an introduction to product photography and more tips included in part one.

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