Does the Quality of Product Photos Really Matter?

Does the Quality of Product Photos Really Matter?

With more and more companies taking their businesses online due to the pandemic, the need for high-quality product photography is more important than ever. When your customers don’t have the opportunity to see, touch, and inspect your products in person, you need to rely on photos to attract and make them buy what you’re offering. 

Perhaps you’re here because you’re wondering whether or not it’s really worth it to hire a professional photographer or if you could simply DIY. Well, if there’s something you should know, it’s that the quality of the product photos you post on your website and social media matters! 

To help you understand why, we will answer some of the most common questions about professional product photography:

What Is the Purpose of Product Photos?

The purpose of product photos is to advertise or market the items that your brand is offering. They are used to get attention for your product, whether they’re used for a poster, a flyer, or posted on your e-commerce website to highlight the details of the product, so customers will be enticed to purchase them. 

Does It Matter If My Product Photos Are Professionally Taken?

Look at this point from a customer’s perspective. Suppose you check two stores with similar products, but one’s photo is professionally taken so it’s clear, the angles are flattering, and the best features of the product are highlighted. On the other hand, the other store used blurred photos or ones that are out of focus. Which one are you more likely to buy from? You know the answer. 

Even if the product with the blurred photo costs less than the other one, you’d still go for the one with the clearer image simply because you’ll know for sure what to expect from the product. This is why it matters to hire a pro to shoot your products! 

Can’t I Achieve the Same Quality of Photos If I DIY?

Well, unless you’ve taken photography lessons and you have an eye for it, there’s going to be a significant difference in the outcome. You might think that having the latest flagship phone with amazing camera settings will get you professional-looking product photos. Well, in a way, really good cameras can take amazing photos. However, they’re not going to be on the same level as professionally shot ones. After all, it’s not just the camera but also the photographer’s skills that make a photo look incredible.

Besides having the necessary equipment, a professional photographer knows what constitutes a good photo, including the lighting, proper staging, taking a shot from the right angle, and more. And then after that, photos may still need retouching to perfect them. Unless you have those skills and the years of experience that a pro has, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve the same quality of photos.

Will It Be Expensive to Get Professional Photography Services?

It would be wrong to tell you that it won’t cost you because it will. However, it’s likely not as costly as you might expect. In fact, you may be able to find photographers who offer their services for almost nothing, but you couldn’t expect to get the results you want either. 

That said, not everyone who charges high delivers awesome images either. This is why you have to do your homework to find the photographer that’s right for you. Likewise, don’t forget to ask for their portfolios and check client reviews because that’s the only way you can know for sure that you’re hiring the right pro!


Photography plays a big role in the success of your marketing campaigns and your e-commerce business. Today, the competition online is tougher than it’s ever been, and you need every leverage you can get to be ahead in the game. High-quality product photos can help you attract more customers and ultimately get more sales, so they’re definitely worth investing in!

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John Armitage is the founder of Armitage Photography, Inc. in Norcross, Georgia. He's passionate about product photography and hosting classes teaching various elements of professional photography in Lilburn and Atlanta, GA.

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