3 Advantages of Having a Commercial Photography for Your Small Business
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3 Advantages of Having a Commercial Photography for Your Small Business

Image-based marketing strategies are one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness. This is the reason many startups and even established firms hire a business photographer. Many businesses pay millions for product endorsement through banner ads, social media posts, billboards, and magazines. Commercial photography is undeniably a powerful marketing strategy to help your brand surface in the mainstream market along with legions of other brands. Hiring an excellent commercial photography team is crucial to your campaign to enhance brand awareness. If a picture paints a thousand words, then why shouldn’t you go for commercial photography? If you aren’t convinced yet, glean through the following advantages of having commercial photography.

Build a Brand Corporate Look

When you hire a business photographer, your products and services will be presented in a professional setup. This allows your customers to understand what your business is all about, including products and solutions that can help them meet their needs. 

When you get the wrong brand campaign, your brand’s reputation is already at stake, and your business will heap inevitable consequences that may hurt your business’ financial health.

Putting your brand in a professional outfit will build a good impression that will surely last long. It also provides an instant appeal to your brand, allowing people to find depth in your brand’s value.

Improve Brand Awareness

Hiring a commercial photography team during your business’s launch and special events can improve your brand’s identity. Photos from special events can be posted on your business’s website so customers can have something to look at when they view your site and get to know more about your brand.

If you wish to improve brand awareness, these commercially shot photos can be posted for public consumption. In this regard, it is essential to have quality photos that will suggest an excellent quality of your brand. 

Tip: You can make your brand get easily more recognizable by deciding on a style. Your brand’s style is whatever you envision it—casual, retro, or sleek—the choice is yours!

Establish Brand Value

Quality Photos on your mobile phone album account for “instagrammable” pictures that you can post to update your profile. The same goes for professionally lit images captured using a professional camera. Your brand’s value communicated to your customers can pique their interest and spark following from as many people as you want.

Your commercially shot brand also gives your customers an idea of how much your products are and how much value they can get from your services. This is the reason behind prominent business brands opting for high-end commercial photography. You never see them settle for less.

While you can opt for stock photography due to budget constraints, your brand uniqueness and overall appeal are compromised in return.


Representing your business through quality photos is a good investment for your business. The advantages discussed above clearly tell you what commercial photography can do to your brand. On the other hand, having low-quality photos displayed on your website can potentially harm your brand by reaping wrong impressions from your clients.

Are you still having second thoughts about hiring a commercial photography team? Maybe you can check out our professional product photography portfolio to help you see the best there is in commercial photography. Armitage Photography boasts three decades of product photography experience from food and cosmetics to furniture and room sets. 

Get in touch with us—we will help your brand make memorable and lasting impressions!

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