What to Do During a Pre-Consultation with Your Client
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What to Do During a Pre-Consultation with Your Client

A pre-consultation is an essential aspect of professional photography as it’ll allow you to make the appropriate plans for every session you have with your client. No matter what kind of photography session you’re having, whether a wedding or studio shoot, you’ll need to get a good sense of what your customer wants.

Here are some of the essential things you should do to get the most out of your client pre-consultations:

Settle On a Venue

Pre-consultations are best held in places with minimal distractions to give your client your undivided attention. It’s also important to consider where they feel comfortable meeting as it’s the perfect time for them to ask you any questions and finally resolve their doubts.

Some opt to hold meetings through online video calls, but others feel it’s faster, clearer, and more efficient to have them in person. A quiet coffee shop, the client’s home, or your studio are some of the perfect places to have your pre-consultation.

Prepare the Basics

Every pre-consultation has basic preparation requirements. The first thing you should prepare is a notebook where you can write down the crucial details of the meeting. The second thing to have is a portfolio of your previous works. When your clients see your past experiences, they can feel more comfortable, allowing them to get to know your style of photography better.

The next thing you need is a contract with terms and conditions. The legal agreement doesn’t have to be the final document your clients will sign, but it’s an excellent way to show them what to expect from you as a photographer and what you expect from them as clients.

Adjust Your Preparations

Another part of preparing for a pre-consultation involves changing it to fit the kind of photography service you’re providing. Each type of service has its unique demands; therefore, it’s best to adjust accordingly. For example, if you’re covering a wedding, you’ll want to know the couple’s story and familiarize yourself with essential wedding details. The work should come out more personal and even vulnerable.

On the other hand, a portrait session will need you to prepare more logistically. Determine how many people are attending, if there are any children involved, and what style of photography your clients prefer. You must also know if they like posed or candid pictures or a combination of both. Your pre-consultation is the time to gather all the necessary information.


A client pre-consultation will set the tone of the photography session you’ll have with your prospects, so it’s essential to learn as much as you can during the meeting. You can always schedule multiple appointments if you and your client feel like there’s more to discuss. What matters most is that everyone involved can clarify any questions and come to an agreement in the end.

Each type of photography service has its demands, and it’s essential to adjust your pre-consultation preparations accordingly. Make sure you ask the right questions and your clients are clear on your terms of service. It’ll help avoid conflict in the future and keep the job going smoothly.

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