4 Tips to Making Effective Product Photos for Online Shopping

4 Tips to Making Effective Product Photos for Online Shopping

Online shopping is now more popular than ever due to the global pandemic. With its growing demand, the competition grows tougher because more and more online stores pop up left and right. Thus, If you are currently running your own operations on the Internet, you have to do what it takes to stay ahead of the competition, gain more customers, and boost your sales. One effective way to attract shoppers is to captivate their attention using high-quality effective product photos. Here are some tips for making your images stand out:

1. Consider mobile audiences

Mobile users are browsing their smartphones while waiting in line, their commute, or even their lunch break. Many of them are shopping online because of its convenience. Since these customers usually don’t have enough time to read through full lengthy descriptions, make sure you communicate what you are selling through professional product photography. 

In addition, keep in mind that mobile audiences spend a lot of time on Instagram. It’s because of the Shopping feature, which allows users to conveniently shop directly from the app. Just remember that it’s advisable to showcase lifestyle images on this platform, while it’s better to use traditional product photos on your website.

2. Use the best lighting for the product

Lighting is crucial in product photography, so make sure you use one that suits your items the most by thinking about how your products are utilized. For example, if your goods are usually used outdoors, shoot them in natural light. On the other hand, you can shoot with professional artificial light in a studio if they are typically seen indoors. Consider using a flash diffuser to prevent the lighting from appearing too harsh.

3. Illustrate how you use your products

Shoot the products exactly how they are used. You can even capture them in the scenario or environment in which users will benefit from your items. This way, your customers can easily understand and visualize how your goods can address their problems.

4. Show multiple angles of the products

Online shopping is indeed convenient, but its number one drawback is that customers cannot see the product in real life before purchasing it. Because of this, many shoppers can be hesitant about buying items online because they cannot pick them up and check to make sure they work. This is where professional product photography services come in. 

Your photos play an important role in your customers’ purchasing decisions. Thus, they have to reflect your products as truthfully as possible to show your goods’ physical nature and establish your image as a trustworthy shop owner. Do this by capturing them from different angles and taking close-ups of details. 

You can also hire a model and have them hold the products to show a sense of scale. Don’t forget to highlight their features that the customers will benefit from the most. As much as possible, don’t use a filter to represent them as accurately as possible.


Many say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and this rings true even with online shopping. In fact, your product photos might actually be the difference between making a sale and losing customers. Now that you know the power of images is undeniable, keep the tips listed above in mind when capturing product photos. You can also hire a professional photographer like me to ensure the images are high-quality.

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