Ideas to Make Product Photos More Impactful and Engaging
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Ideas to Make Product Photos More Impactful and Engaging

People never really understand the power that photography holds not until you look at an e-commerce site with unflattering, low-resolution photos. It might make you realize how much you do not want their offerings. Online buyers are more likely to be convinced and trust sellers who invest in high-quality product images. 

Since buyers do not have the opportunity to look and observe the products personally, they could only resort to checking out the online photos. If you place images on the site that do not look trustworthy or use pictures that do not depict the product clearly, you are missing out on half of the point of using photos for the site. 

Another purpose of product photos is to entice people to purchase your items. For this goal, you need to be more creative to help your photos stand out. If you are looking for other ideas, here are some concepts you might want to try in your next product photography session.

How to Make Your Product Photos More Creative

Use Creative Backgrounds

Adding texture to the product’s background would always result in a more refined final product. For example, colored smoke in the background could provide your product with a more dramatic or mysterious vibe. 

It would be perfect for those luxurious items that have an air of mystique in them. Your team can apply it during the post process. The right effects can make your photos more attractive to your audience.

Hire Some Models

Sometimes, you need people to highlight your products, and that is where a model can come in to help. If you are selling clothes, jewelry, makeup, and other beauty products, you would need someone to wear them for your audience to see. Hire a model that fits the kind of audience you are targeting. It will also help if you showcase variation in terms of skin color, body shape, and body size to help people see their representations better.

Explore With Colors

A white background is the safest backdrop you can use, but relying on that alone might make your photos look too dull or technical. Do not be afraid to use colors to give life to your brand. Check if your brand color matches your products well, and if they do, do not hesitate to add them to your product photos. Besides making your images more interesting, you are also giving people strong brand recall. 

Change Your Angle

There will always be a standard way to shoot a product, but if you want your brand to stand out, you must develop new ways. Try different styles and shoot at different angles. Doing so would make your photos look more exciting and let you see your product in a new light. 

Surprise the Viewers

If your product highlights its durability, resistance, and other similar characteristics, you could emphasize that by inserting an element of surprise into your photo. Imagine creating an explosion on set and making people witness how your product stood still and unaffected. By doing one-minute mind-blowing experiments, you get to engage your audience while also impressing them with your products. 


There is no right or wrong when doing creative product photography, but there will always be things that work and don’t work. You need to have the courage to explore and try new things and be wary of the techniques that could fail your brand. Nevertheless, product photos will always be impactful on your site’s performance. Good quality images would always affect your site’s ranking and sales algorithm. 

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