Flat Lays: A Modern Necessity for Business Photography
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Flat Lays: A Modern Necessity for Business Photography

Product photography has evolved a number of times over the years. The latest whirlwind to come through this 2021 has been flat lay photography, encompassing industries like never before. Since it’s rather distinct and has quite the attractive factor, eCommerce websites and businesses have taken to it like a duck in water.

Flat Lay Photography: The Hottest Trend

For eCommerce, advertising products used to rely on models, the environment, or effects. Flat lay photography has changed the game in a big way. Flat lay refers to a photograph taken directly above a flat surface with strategically laid out items. It’s a lot like putting together any other product shoot, except everything’s lying in a particular area, taking the shot from an aerial view. 

What’s known as a “bird’s eye perspective” by photographers is considered a fundamental quality of a flat lay photo, but it doesn’t always have to be an entire place as such. Sometimes, people shoot flat lays from a certain angle for lighting or shadow purposes. Just a slight angle to stay as true to ‘flat’ as possible still.

Usually, there’s a key item in the shot to treat it as the central focus. Everything else serves as supporting material to highlight the item and grab the attention of viewers. Another vital quality of flat lay photos is that they’re largely minimalistic and straightforward so that the product can truly shine on its own.

No matter what businesses sell, there’s a flat lay solution for it:

  • Cosmetics – Many brands jumped on the flat lay trend for cosmetics, opting instead to do things like have strategically placed “splashes” of the product around the actual packaged item. Sometimes, it’s just something written or drawn in lipstick and the tube it comes in.
  • Fashion – The fashion world, in particular, has fallen in love with this new medium. Models are still very much in and necessary, but flat lay took print ads to a new level. Whether it’s giving off a traveler’s feel or mimicking the paper doll vibes of old times, presenting clothes and shoes through a flat lay has grown more popular through time.
  • Food – Some may argue that food is the original flat lay device, but it’s not necessarily true for eCommerce and business. The default for food ads, after all, is someone eating them. Holding it up, biting it, about to eat it—the use of a model is still popular, don’t get us wrong. However, the flat lay brought food photography to a whole new level!

Flat lays aren’t only famous for product photography and eCommerce as a whole. Many also use it across social media to convey a certain aesthetic, especially by influencers and artists.


Indeed, flat lay photography has taken the world by storm for a very good reason: it’s cost-efficient and minimalistic but can look luxe with no problem. It’s well-appreciated, especially in the eCommerce and business sense, given the great twist it provides advertising as a whole. You can use it for the likes of food, cosmetics, and fashion, among others. 

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