How to Use Seasonal Product Photography to Spice Up Your Online Store
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How to Use Seasonal Product Photography to Spice Up Your Online Store

Did you know that product photography can help you get the most out of the different seasons and events of the year? Yes, by coming up with different campaigns for Winter and the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Spring, Easter, Father’s Day, Summer, Back to School, Thanksgiving, Fall, Halloween, and others, you can continuously catch the attention of your customers throughout the year. 

With seasonal images, you can inspire your audience and entice them to make a purchase. Each time, existing and potential customers will see your products in a whole new light. No matter what occasion or season you are planning for, you will need a professional photographer to ensure that your products are perfectly shot and showcased in angles that will attract your audience. 

If you are interested in doing seasonal product photography, read on as Armitage Photography shares some tips on how you can plan for a seasonal product campaign:

When Should You Start Planning

You might be surprised to learn that you need to start working on a campaign at least six months before the launch. Any professional photographer will tell you that the earlier you can prepare for the campaign, the better. If you don’t have six months to prepare, you can discuss this with your photographer and be upfront about your deadlines, and they can tell you if it’s workable. 

What Makes a Good Catalogue Photo?

Plain Background

Plain white backgrounds are considered essential in product photography because they are clean and flexible, they can be used for any promotional advertisement. They also ensure that the focus is on the product. It also makes it easier to splice together some products if you don’t have time to take group shots.

Lifestyle Photos

Customers always want to know how they can use the products they’re considering buying. You can take aspirational shots of the products while used in a seasonal setting, which will inspire people to make a purchase. You can also use seasonal backgrounds to fit your theme. Whether it’s a table set for the holidays or a gorgeous beach, these can help visualize where, when, and how your products can be used. 

Scale Photos

The scale shot is a crucial product image that lets customers see the dimensions of your products. This provides customers with a realistic idea of how big or small your product is by either wearing or holding it or placing it near objects that your customers are familiar with. For instance, if you are selling a toy, you can put it under a Christmas tree or if you’re selling a bag, have a model hold it.

Bundled Shots

You should also put together a collection of products that are typically purchased together in a wrapped package. By doing this, you show customers what products go together, and you might even convince them to buy those complimentary products!


These are just some things that you can do to promote your products through seasonal product photography. By doing these things, you can add spice to your eCommerce website. Even if you display the same products, your potential customers will see them in a new light. Customers love festive things, and through seasonal product photography, you can draw all those happy emotions. 

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