5 Things You Need to Make Good Personal Branding Photographs

5 Things You Need to Make Good Personal Branding Photographs

More than ever, the notion of branding is becoming more crucial. Personal branding images are pretty simple to get, and they allow individuals to share narratives, acquire the confidence of their target audiences, and engage with them. 

“Brand” encompasses everything from packaging to company attitude, and it is the means through which companies demonstrate the products and services they provide. There has been a significant increase in the use of social media, and everyone, from kids to CEOs, has taken steps to establish their online presence.

To create compelling branding photographs, you must keep in mind the following:

1. Find Out Everything about the Client as Basis for the Project 

By getting to know your customer, you may create a style guide for them. In addition, you must be aware of their interests, abilities, and hobbies, as well as their purpose, vision, and WHY statement, as well as their family lifestyle and everything else you can think of. 

Make an effort to depict all facets of the firm and family to present a complete image. Determine your guiding concepts by taking note of the following guide questions/statements:

  • Identify the emotions you want to convey. Joy, inspiration, confidence, comfort, excitement, and silliness are all examples of these feelings.
  • Describe your personality: professional, casual, extroverted, laid-back, happy, eccentric
  • Depending on where your brand is located, is it either national, international, or local?
  • Which colors should dominate or be avoided? And what tale should the photographs tell?
  • Is there a service or product that you provide?
  • Are you able to identify who your customers are?
  • Do you already have a well-known brand? If yes, what are the colors and typefaces that you use? Is it possible for you to describe your overall look?
  • How will you use the photos you’ve taken? Social media, websites, and printed materials are all options for distributing them.

This guide questionnaire will act as a reference point, assisting you and your team in remaining focused and consistent on your selected concepts.

2. Gather Photos for Inspiration 

Gather photographs from different companies, publications, and websites, as well as other sources to use as inspiration for your work. Pinterest has replaced genuine visual boards (or mood boards) that marketers built, but this is not always a bad thing. You may use the Depositphotos website’s Favorite bar for the same reason. Just go with your gut and see whether your mood board connects with other people’s feelings.

3. Start Branding with a Concept

Branding and style should begin with an idea. This will allow you to come up with a unique notion for your brand’s primary picture. It’s possible to start by selecting keywords that are most related to the topic. It may be anything that matches your objective, such as customer attention, dependability, innovation, bravery, and openness.

4. Edit Your Images

Convert your images to black and white once you’ve taken them. You may also use editing to eliminate imperfections, apply complimenting filters, and so on. Use Lightroom and Photoshop or any other free application for editing, such as  Picmonkey and other simple photo editing programs. Because they are your photos, you may edit them to establish your brand.

5. Earn Customer Respect with Quality Content 

The color palette, aesthetics, and picture quality may all be used to entice clients. Here are some aspects of photography to consider:

Colors, Tones, and Shades

How appealing and harmonious they are, and if they clash with the rest of the visual material.

Composition and Structure

The precise positioning of things in the image aids in the creation of appropriate accents and draws viewers’ attention to crucial parts.

Contrast and Variance

Choose between soft and harsh contrast depending on the mood of the scene and the impression you wish to produce.


Personal branding images should not be too dark or too bright, with vital elements visible and details not lost.


Personal branding photography is intensely focused on the narrative, allowing viewers to interact with the subject of the shot. Some photographers see presenting a narrative as a creative headshot or product image, while others see it as a documentary. However, this does not give the whole story. To entirely go into personal branding, you need to do some serious digging and get to know your target client and audience. 

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