Breaking Down Rates: How Much Product Photography Costs
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Breaking Down Rates: How Much Product Photography Costs

If you’re considering getting professional product photography for your business, one of the things you’ll need to keep in mind is the cost. In this article, we’ll be breaking down the rates in product photography, so you can better understand service quotes and select the best provider for your business product photography.

2 Types of Product Photography Services

  • Local Independent Photography Studios

There are hundreds to thousands of independent photographers in every city. Their various services may include portrait, event, and wedding photography, as these are everyday events in their area.

These independent photographers may have their own studio, work from their homes, or share a studio with other independent photographers. Some of them offer product photography and are also skilled at it.

  • Full-Service Product Photography Studios

Full-service product photography studios typically offer a complete range of services. They provide both still and 360 product photography services and have the equipment to manage large-scale projects, different product types, and large shipments.

The advantage of hiring studios is that they’re flexible with their services and typically cater to a wide range of clients. Still, they are less common than independent photographers. 

How Do Product Photography Services Charge?

Photography services, either independently or studio, have benchmarks to how much they charge for product photography shoots. The cost may also depend on the details of your project. They typically use these three measurements: 

  • By the Hour or Day

This method means you are charged a flat hourly or daily rate for hiring the studio’s product photography services. They may charge $100 to $200 per hour or $1,000 to $1,500 per day for still images. 

On the other hand, 360 images charge higher, and you might be looking at more than $200 per hour or more than $1,500 per day. That is because 360 images require specialized equipment and software.

Moreover, if your project has specialized image requirements that may be difficult to achieve, the studio may opt for this charging method. 

  • By the Product

This method equals you being charged for a set amount of products for a set amount of fee. For instance, you might be paying $40 per product. So if you have 100 products to shoot, you’ll be looking at a $4,000 bill. Anything more than that will incur additional charges, but they might be less per product.

The photographer may allow unlimited images per product for this charging method. That will enable you to take advantage of the service, but most photographers actually don’t prefer this charging method.

  • By the Image

This charging method also uses individual pricing, and you’ll be paying for how many images you agreed with. For instance, you have 200 products needing two photographs each, and the photographer changes $6 per image. Then, you’ll be charged $2,400.

This charging method is usually the most preferred by photographers since they are paid for the time, equipment, and skills needed to shoot and edit a single image. Remember that it takes time to capture, edit, and format an image before sending it to clients. 


Understanding how independent and studio photographers charge for a product shoot in three different methods allows you to estimate the project’s cost and budget. You may also come up with a way to get the most of what you pay for while still being fair to the photographer.

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