A Guide for Better Product Photos for Social Media
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A Guide for Better Product Photos for Social Media

Quality product photos are attractive, appropriate, and connect with your branding. These are all important attributes to get attention and hook viewers. These images, in turn, communicate visually with consumers’ minds to represent the brand with the right look and feel. 

When promoting products and brands on social media, you have to combine quality images with creative techniques to present them effectively. You have the potential to attract a wide audience on social media, so it has to be done right.

To be effective in making these exceptional images, you have to follow certain creative standards. They help communicate the brand’s look and visual identity to their audience. It also completes the whole feel of your online content.

Focus on Your Brand and Products

Product photography adds creative touches to your images but is always directed to the subject. The emphasis is always on the product and its optimal best in representation. In this regard, it must have high-quality commercial photography work balanced by creativity.

If your products are for kids, bright colors work best. A sports drink like Gatorade performs best with sports and summer imagery for quenching thirst. It will make customers feel that drink by pictures alone. If it’s food, the right light and detailing will make audiences more hungry.

High-Level Photo Quality

A great composition also includes other items in the picture aside from the subject. You are making a layout of “living” images in a setting. It helps with the ability to capture a mood. It will also help to build a gallery for different product images you can use on different channels, such as Instagram, online stores, ads, Facebook ads, Twitter, and other online profiles.

To achieve these, you must have proper lighting and composition. Use a high-quality professional camera with the best settings. It helps present all the details of the product in the proper light. If your composition calls for brighter lights or subdued hues, you can use them to add different color and mood variations.

Many food documentaries use the same products but present them in their optimal state with good lighting because it showcases the product. You can see even the smallest details in the color and lighting representing it in real life.

ImageMatch Your Branding

Photos must best personify your brand. They are your first viewed content, and they must speak your personality and signature direct in imagery and mood. All of your photo elements should have the same aesthetics and identity as your brand. They should match and support your product identity.

Variety in photos and moods is also essential in presenting your products. Different moods and compositions help make your imagery more dynamic and interesting, every post. Sometimes a brand is so established that experimenting with new themes or creative photo techniques helps see brands or products in a different light. It adds innovation and attracts new audiences.

Final Notes

To best engage with your social media audience, you have to be effective visually. Your images should be high quality and best represent the brand and product. They should also be appropriate and image-conscious so that it works as the central visual element of your content or social media page.

Armitage Photography Inc. uses these important concepts to communicate your brand visually. Our world-class photos are fit for the format you’re going to use. We offer professional product photography and other photo services to present your images in the most optimal way possible. If you’re ready for superior imaging, give us a call!

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