3 Common Product Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid
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3 Common Product Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid

Every company that offers high-quality products often relies on photography to present them flawlessly. While the consensus when it comes to this method is usually positive, there are times when things may not go according to plan. The product may be misrepresented in the photos, or the results may not come out right.

The thing about product photography is that there are many factors to consider before successfully representing the items being sold. It is just like having a checklist of what should be done for them to look enticing enough to be bought. 

Do all of those things correctly, and your promotional materials will have a fantastic image to use for all the ads. On the other hand, execute them all hastily, and they might turn away your customers.

Indeed, product photography is a risky task if you do not know what you are doing. Luckily, we have listed the most common mistakes below to give you an idea of things that you must avoid at all costs:

1. Picking a Wrongly-Shaped Product

If your business happens to be selling off fresh produce, chances are, you only want the best harvest to be represented in your ads. Taking a picture of an apple, for example, requires you and the actual photographers to choose the freshest of the bunch. 

Showing off one that is already spoiled or out of shape may demotivate your target market to buy from you, and neither will they have the appetite to check out your other harvests.

2. Taking a Photo of the Product without Preparing

Regardless of what you are selling, you must make sure that the item in question doesn’t have any damage on the surface, and neither should it have any form of blemishes or discolorations. You wouldn’t want that to get past your groups of photos, putting the representation of your items at risk.

You may also want to prepare the other amenities and equipment to bring the best appearance out of your products. Shooting them in a dimly lit studio may do more harm than good for your promotional materials.

3. Overrepresenting the Product

There is nothing wrong with capturing your product in action, as it further provides your target audience a general idea of what it can do once purchased. If it’s a laptop computer, show how it looks when turned on. If it’s a pair of sneakers, take a snapshot of it being worn by an athlete jumping high up in the air. 

The opportunities to impress your target audience are endless, but some industries make it a habit to edit the photo and condition the item so that it would show off a feature that doesn’t even exist. 

This method is very risky, as some countries even have regulations about false advertising. Do not make the same mistake they have made in the past and represent your products most honestly. While editing is helpful, never show something that you don’t actually offer.


Product photography is an integral part of the advertising process. Without a clear and creative snapshot of the item, you will not have concise promotional material to present to your target audience. However, there are always techniques and regulations regarding this process. 

Picking an item that is not in good condition, being hasty with the photography session, and setting up an image that lies about its features are just some of the things that you must avoid to prevent putting off your customers.

Remember, a photo speaks a thousand words, so you must make sure that everything in the image is concise, truthful, and impressive.

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