3 Reasons You Need Food Photography
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3 Reasons You Need Food Photography

Professional food photography is an essential part of your restaurant branding and marketing for many reasons. Some restaurant owners may claim that it doesn’t matter that much, but it helps increase customers and sales in reality.

In many ways, food photography can incite customers’ emotions. It makes them stop, look, and want to have a taste. When you have professionally photographed food, your restaurant’s reputation and quality will seemingly improve.

Still not convinced why you should have professional food photography for your restaurant? Here are the top three reasons why you should:

1. The Results are Worth the Investment

One of the possible reasons you are holding back from hiring a professional food photographer is that it is costly. While it is indeed expensive, just like any professional service, the long-term benefits of these photos exceed the initial investment cost.

It’s a one-time investment that you might not have to make again unless you have new dishes to add to your menu. In addition, it has been proven that good food photography draws customers in, therefore increasing sales. 

Food is the core offering of restaurants, which means that food photography should be at the center of your branding and marketing. It’s also not difficult to see how a professionally taken photo of food is more delicious than a simple unstaged snapshot. 

2. Professional Lens vs. Phone Camera

Let’s cut to the chase: a snap of your food using a decent camera is not at par with a photo taken with a professional lens. Phone cameras take blurry, dark, and poorly positioned photos. They look unprofessional and unappetizing so that you won’t increase customers this way.

On the other hand, a professional photographer would know how to position food appetizingly and use appropriate lights to capture the essence of the food your restaurant serves. With the right creative direction, staging, and prop consideration, your restaurant branding will improve. 

Leave the amateur photography to your customers, so they have something to post on their social media. But as the restaurant owner yourself, you’ll have to take your game to the next level. Your job is to capture your food in the best and most tasty-looking way possible.

3. Captures Restaurant Branding

With professional food photography, you no longer need to worry about composition, lighting, angles, and color. Your photographer will take care of everything and make sure that your photos are visually pleasing enough for print ads, social media posts, online ads, menus, signage, and more.

With the help of a professional photographer, your photos will capture your restaurant’s visual image and brand personality. Aligning the pictures with your overall brand direction will also make your restaurant more appealing to potential customers. 

Whether your branding is upbeat and colorful or traditional and sophisticated, your photos should reflect that. Just put yourself in the customer’s shoes: when you see pictures of tasty food that capture the brand, you’d be more likely to try it. 


Professional food photography can do more than just capture visually appealing images of your food. It can dramatically increase your customer appeal and engagement, as well as increase your sales. When you invest in amplifying the core product of your business, you are bound to see results. 

For your photography needs, Armitage Photography is at service. We are at the forefront of high-end digital imagery, photo-branding, product photography, and post-production services to give your business the right image branding it deserves. 

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