3 Creative Tips for Making Your Product Photos Stand Out

3 Creative Tips for Making Your Product Photos Stand Out

In this digital age that allows easy access to the internet, almost everything can be done online. This includes buying all kinds of items and products. Although this is convenient for customers, this can hinder businesses from maximizing their return on investment and unleashing their potential. Unlike in a physical store, the target market has no way of actually feeling, trying, smelling, or tasting in-store products. In other words, online customers rely heavily on visuals to compensate for these sensations. If this is also your online business’s dilemma, there is one effective way you can showcase what you offer: product photography. Here are some tips to captivate your customers with your product photos:

1. Use Props

Your target market is usually more drawn to products as the focus of a specific setting. This helps them envision how they will incorporate your items into their lifestyle. With the right scene, you can evoke emotions that match your product well. 

Look for the appropriate props and use them as an accent. Keep in mind that the scene doesn’t have to be completely realistic, so integrating some surreal elements into the photos can be effective. For instance, if you are selling fruit-inspired lip balms, you could add fresh fruit to the scene. Just make sure to stick to a single theme and use the right color palette. 

2. Showcase Your Product in a Fresh Way

Showing your product creatively sets your product photos apart from the others. Because of this, unless you are shooting for your shop’s catalog, feel free to try something new. For instance, consider placing your product in a different background or a new setting. You can also experiment with colors and textures that reflect your brand.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure your customers can relate to your photos once they see them. This is especially true when posting for social media. Since this platform generally has a short life span for content, you must see to it that your photos make a lasting impression.

3. Add Human Elements

If your products are wearable, add some human elements to your pictures. Wear it in the photos to show how your customers are going to look when they are using them. You can even mix and match them with other items in your product catalog.

On the other hand, if you sell something that is not wearable, you can still integrate a human element into your images. For instance, if you sell baked goods, you can capture someone grabbing the cookies or slicing a cake in half. By creating a narrative with your product and showing how your audience would use or consume it, they will see how your item fits into their lifestyle.


Making your products available to online buyers requires you to entice your audience to try them. Since your customers likely have no means of seeing, touching, and testing these items in person, your photos have to be high quality enough to highlight all important features and provide sufficient information about what you sell.

Our suggestions above can give you a head start in the right direction. However, the best solution is to reach out to a professional photographer and seek product photography services.

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