3 Ways Images Drive Up Your Website Conversion Rates
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3 Ways Images Drive Up Your Website Conversion Rates

People seldom purchase something without first inspecting the item. Usually, consumers want to get their hands on it, hold it, or even test it, if possible. When you’re selling products online, however, this isn’t a possibility. Ecommerce brands must work twice as hard to bring their products to life via great photography and complete product descriptions to increase their website conversion rates.

If you are unsure of the impact that crisp and professional images can have on your sales, keep reading!  

1. Visual Imagery Elicits Emotional Responses from Consumers

There is and will always be a degree of emotional response in the purchasing process. Users want to be immersed in the content they’re seeing, and eliciting emotion while they browse could be what earns you a sale. Detailed and high-quality pictures have a way of connecting with your consumers’ emotions, which is essential if you want your website to convert more visitors. 

While images may improve your conversion rate, it is your responsibility to engage your visitors’ senses. One primary method of doing this is via pictures or images that assist customers in visualizing the experience they will have with your company’s goods. It’s a good idea to take photos of different product angles and arrange them carefully on product pages. Visualizing a product in many different perspectives helps consumers in forming a picture of what they are purchasing in their minds. 

2. High-quality Photos Improve Design Concepts

Every marketer has heard that “content is king,” and it’s true that quality content can yield truly incredible results. If content is king, though, then design must be queen. Your eCommerce website should use colors that communicate the appropriate feeling while also standing out against the vibrant background of your website. Using green on a yellow backdrop, for example, will not be nearly as sharp as green on a blue background.

The color variants you choose on your website should be ones that immediately catch the attention of visitors. Here are ways to optimize pictures on your website to increase conversion rates:

  • Images account for 64 percent of all web pages; 
  • Lossless image optimization leaves an image looking identical while reducing file size in the region of 5-20 percent for JPEGs and 20-40 percent for PNGs; 
  • Optimizing images on your website is a simple web performance improvement that will contribute to SEO efforts in the process.

3. Images Drive Traffic and Conversion with Sitemap

An image sitemap can help inform search engines about images on a website. However, it is dependent on the size and authority of the website. If there are only a hundred products on the site, for instance, they are all within two clicks of the homepage. The site is unlikely to require an image sitemap to be implemented.

Alternatively, if images cannot be accessible via crawling, an image sitemap may assist search engines in discovering photos that they would not have discovered otherwise. You must make sure that search engine crawlers can discover your website; to do so, search engine crawlers must evaluate your site to see whether it loads quickly and is simple to browse. If this is the case, more people will discover your website and hopefully make a purchase!

Final Thoughts

If you don’t share pictures, you may as well not exist with the rest of the world. Images have become the lifeblood of online presence. Therefore, it is critical for your promotional activities to use the appropriate image. When you don’t give much consideration to the kind of picture you’re including with your blog post or putting on your landing page, you unintentionally suffocate your marketing efforts by sucking all of the juicy conversions out of them.

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