5 Reasons Why Digital Photography Is Definitely Here to Stay

5 Reasons Why Digital Photography Is Definitely Here to Stay

Morse code to phone, radio to television, record to CD, videotape to DVD, and now cinema to digital. We are all part of a photography revolution that will seem just as unbelievable to your children as your parents told you about the first time their family acquired a black and white television set. Although digital photography is a relatively new technology, it has grown so common that most individuals reading this page have at least handled a digital camera. Even yet, there is still some skepticism about a professional photographer capturing a wedding without film.

To embrace digital, you must first open your mind to the concept and allow the professional photographer you hire to enlighten you on their own experience with this fascinating new medium. If the photographer you choose to capture your wedding shoots digital, chances are they have done their research and have shown to themselves that digital is a great alternative to film.

1. Digital photography is highly versatile.

Digital pictures may be attached to e-mail messages, burnt as CD or DVD slide presentations, or displayed as the Windows Desktop and screen saver on your computer. You may, of course, print them, and with today’s special inkjet sheets, your photos can wind up on products such as greeting cards and T-shirt transfers.

2. No more developing!

With a digital camera, you can view your photos almost instantly. So save the trip to the photo store – even a one-hour photo lab can’t compete with the three minutes it takes to connect your camera to your PC (through a USB connection) and download your photos to your hard drive.

3. Take all the pictures you want! 

Every shot you take with today’s cameras saves a significant amount of data. This is known as metadata, and in addition to the date and time the image was taken, you will most likely discover information on the brand and model of the camera and the settings that were utilized.

Some cameras (particularly those incorporated into smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone) can even contain GPS data, so you’ll know the exact time and day you snapped the photo! 

4. Easy editing

Consider everything that may go wrong with a photograph: an inadequate exposure, red-eye, or even a tree sprouting from someone’s head. You may lessen or remove these issues with digital photography; with correct editing, a terrible picture can become average, and a good image can become a piece of beauty.

5. You can manage your photos on-site.

Consider the ability to evaluate a photo as soon as it is taken. You’re stuck with what you take with a typical film camera, and you won’t see the results until that roll of film has been processed. A digital camera, on the other hand, allows you to control your photos.


Don’t let your fear of technology hamper your emotional decision. Follow your gut; do the photos in the photographer’s studio affect you? Are you pumped? Do you believe they know what they’re doing? Do you plan to invite them to your wedding? If the answer is yes, you should trust them and perform their work as professionals. After all, wouldn’t you want your doctor to employ cutting-edge technology when doing his duties? 

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