Post-Production In Photography: How Do Photographers Do It?

Post-Production In Photography: How Do Photographers Do It?

Successful and quality images don’t just happen with a click of a camera; it involves a thorough process. One of the most crucial parts of the process is post-production. Post-production involves editing and retouching to make photos stand out and to ensure all the requirements are met. 

If you’re wondering how photographers do post-production, we’ll walk you through the process. 

1. Sort and Organize

The first thing that photographers do is gather all the photos that need to undergo post-production. They tag and name each photo so they won’t have a hard time looking for them. By doing so, they save time and be more productive. 

2. Select the Best Images

Photographers streamline post-production by taking the time to select the images. Once done with the shoot, they go through all the images, rate each one of them, and start post-processing the ones that have the most potential. 

3. Find the Right Style

All photographers have their own style of editing and retouching. Some prefer making the colors pop out while others like to keep everything muted during post-processing. Their photography style complements their editing style to ensure that the final images will not have clashing elements. 

4. Do Lens Corrections

Undeniably, all photos have some sort of lens imperfection. As part of their post-production process, they do lens corrections as soon as possible. Again, this is a huge time-saver that can help make the process more efficient. 

5. Enhance the Best Images

Photographers know that even the best images need enhancements. After doing basic editing, they fine-tune all the littlest details to transform already-beautiful photos into perfect images.

6. Use Presets

One of the most used ways to make post-production easier is to use presets. It’s an excellent technique, especially if there are many photos to be edited. As mentioned, photographers already have their own style. This allows them to inject a specific mood or feel in every photo by curating their own presets.   

7. Correct the Colors

When the photographer took a photo, the sky looked magical in its colors. However, while inspecting the set of photos, they realized that the color of the sky didn’t translate well in the captured image. This is a familiar scenario to all photographers. Whether the image calls for a simple fixing of the white balance or a more detailed color correction, correcting colors in post-processing is definitely a must.

8. Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Unnecessary elements in a frame are common, but clients don’t usually see them upon the turnover of images. That’s all thanks to post-processing. A lot of times, photographers have to delete invisible strings that are not too invisible in product photography. They also have to retouch the image to conceal a passerby in an outdoor shoot. There are some things we can’t control during photo shoots, but with post-processing, photographers can put some sort of control over these things.


Post-processing is necessary to make photos look their best and make them client-ready. Professional photographers know that every detail counts in an image, and with post-production editing, already-beautiful photos have the potential to look perfect. 

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