How to Choose the Right Product Photographer
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How to Choose the Right Product Photographer

As most companies take their business online, having high-quality and professionally taken product photos is more important than ever. You can’t just shoot pictures of your products with your smartphone and expect people to notice their best features. No one will be compelled to buy a product that they can’t see clearly. Think about it. Customers are already at a disadvantage because they can’t hold the products in their hands before buying them. They can’t inspect the quality in person. They only rely on what they see in the product photos and what they are told in the product description. If you want your eCommerce business to perform well, you need to invest in a professional product photographer. Your products’ best features should be highlighted in photos to entice customers and urge them to add to their cart. 

But with the number of professionals offering photography services these days, how do you choose the right studio for your business? Here are some tips for you: 

Visit Their Brick and Mortar Studio

Unless you want your products to be shot on location, you’ll do well to check the photography studios you’re considering. Any trustworthy photographer won’t object to this. You can check their place and have an idea of what they do there, their equipment and lighting, their packages, and more. 

Check What Their Previous Clients Are Saying

Thanks to the internet and social media, it’s pretty easy to check the reputation of any professional. Look for reviews from previous clients. Don’t just read ones from the photographers’ website because they can easily screen those testimonials. Check on social media groups and online forums as you’re more likely to find honest reviews there. 

Ask to See Their Portfolio

How will you know that you like their style if you haven’t seen samples of their work? Professional photographers are prepared for this and wouldn’t have a problem with you perusing their work. In fact, if they’re proud of their work, they should be offering their portfolio proactively. Now, it’s possible that even if the photographer really has skills, their artistic approach doesn’t meet your preferences. In such cases, be honest about it. The photographer may be able to cater to your needs, or they could refer you to someone they know who does what you’re looking for. 

Check Their Website

Why should you check their website? A photographer’s website is a reflection of their professionalism. If you see one with a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated for many years, that’s not a good sign. You are more likely to be satisfied with the work of a photographer who cares enough about their business and reputation to maintain a professional website that features previous work, the services they offer, their rates, and more. 

Request a Mini-Shoot

Not everybody will do this for free, but even if you’d have to pay a small fee, it’s still going to be worth it. In fact, this is the best way to get a feel of how your product photos will turn out if you choose a particular photographer. It will also give you an idea of how your working relationship will be like. 


Professional product photography plays a big role in the success of eCommerce businesses. Whether your business is already thriving or you’re still trying to find your footing, beautiful images of your products can certainly help increase your sales. Choosing the right photography studio is therefore crucial, so make sure that you take note of the tips that we shared here to make the task easier. 

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