4 Things You Should Seek in a Good Product Photographer

4 Things You Should Seek in a Good Product Photographer

Visual appeal is one way to connect with consumers and convince them to buy your product. It might not be enough to get a friend and a smartphone to conduct the shoot. Having a professional product photographer can kick up the quality of your images and persuade someone to add to cart and make a purchase.

However, that can bring us to another hurdle of how you can search for the best product photographer for your business. There are many freelancers and studios who would be delighted to work for your brand, but how can you narrow it down and single out the one you want to work with?

Here are some criteria of what to seek in a good product photographer:


There are tons of different kinds of photography. There’s portrait, fashion, editorial, architectural, and even more. It’s an abundant industry with each having their own expertise. The first step is to find a photographer who has experience working with product photoshoots so that their quality and outputs match what you need. 

The requirements of taking a picture of a supermodel can be stark to what’s needed to get a picture of an item. Both require skill and experience, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s just about finding what fits your needs so that less of an adjustment period is needed.


One more skill you want in a photographer aside from their picture-taking skills is their communication skills. Both parties need to discuss the concept for the shoot, what lighting is required, and more. They should be able to be upfront about what they believe will make the outcome better.

However, in conjunction with that, communication also requires listening. It’s ideal to work with a product photographer who will be open to hear your feedback about how a photo looks and potential changes you want to make. It’s essential to work together with them and communicate what’s needed rather than clash on the final product.


Even before the pandemic, photographers need to be flexible with their availability and working conditions. That flexibility is needed more than ever in a time where remote work becomes the norm while top-notch quality is still required from the photographs. 

A good product photographer should be able to adapt and have their own equipment to not rely on renting a studio. This also includes the tools for the post-production and photo editing services that come after the shoot.


Check out a product photographer’s portfolio and references on their website just so you can set your expectations on what you want to get from them. It’s easy to tell who you’re working with by reviewing their past work and contacts. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions with people a product photographer has worked with in the past. It’s better to get a sneak peek of their work ethic, too, before finalizing the terms of hiring them for your business.


To sum it up, what makes up a great product photographer is experience, sociability, and proof of both. It can make taking pictures a smooth-sailing trip as you end up with gorgeous photos of your items and entice customers into buying.

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