How to Discuss Product Photo Ideas with Your Photographer

How to Discuss Product Photo Ideas with Your Photographer

Do you want to outsource your product photos? The best way to do so is to communicate with the photographer. This article will teach you how to share product photo ideas with your photographer to get the desired results. After all, anything less than perfect is not enough.  

Send them a list of all the ideas you have in your head

If you have an idea of what you want for your product, you should list it down to have an organized report of all the things you might want. Whether it is the packaging or the product details, you should show it to your photographer. Also, include if the product fits a package and make sure that you leave room for creativity, advice, and collaboration. 

Remember that a photographer is an expert in their field. They know how to present your product to hook the audience. They may suggest different ideas to make it look good.

Don’t forget to communicate the kind of look you’re going for. Is it editorial, minimal, or lifestyle? Once you choose a look for your brand, stick with it. Give your photographer a full list of your products too, so they can suggest ways to improve the process and results. If you are struggling to create a list, reflect on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and for whom you are doing it. 

Be as detailed as possible

Your list must show all the tiny details for what you want to achieve. Give your photographer as much information they need, such as the orientation and style preference. In this way, it will ensure the success of a product shoot. Moreover, there’s no such thing as too much information. 

Hiring a photographer to create stunning and encouraging visual content is an investment. You need to make the most out of it, so make sure your photographer knows exactly what you want.

Some of the details you can include are:

  • Things You Like – Do you want airy and light shots or not?
  • Things You Don’t Like – Do you like darker backgrounds or not?
  • Orientation – What position do you want to place your product in?
  • Angles Overhead – Do you want to highlight the product’s details from every angle?
  • Props – Which props do you want to use?
  • Style Preferences – What kind of style do you want?

There’s nothing wrong with being honest with your photographer. They want to give you the best shots, and they can only do that if you specifically communicate to them your preferences. Use this opportunity, too, to ask for advice and brainstorm ideas. 

Conduct your own market research

You need to learn what’s trending in the market, so you can align your vision with what customers want to see—conduct market research by asking questions, creating polls, and conducting surveys. The data from this research will help you plan your visual content. Also, consider your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA). What do you want your customers to say about your brand?


Outsourcing your tasks to a photographer is an excellent way of growing your business and meeting your visual needs. A photographer can help you achieve your goals. You just need to communicate your ideas properly so that they can conduct a successful photoshoot. 

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