4 Reasons Your Photo Needs to Go Through Post-Production

4 Reasons Your Photo Needs to Go Through Post-Production

The visual generation hooked everyone in photography and taught many to be more meticulous in taking pictures. A beautiful photo can gain more likes and engagements when posted online, but a beautiful photo is about composition, angle, contrast, and form. On top of that, what separates professional photography and casual photography is usually the post-production process. Post-production may be a lot easier for content creators these days because of the availability of photo editors on smartphones. Filters can also give your photograph an instant glow up, but sometimes, it actually destroys the image’s quality. If you intend to use your photographs for professional or commercial use or just want to keep them as a form of preserved memory, you should let a professional photographer handle it. In this article, we will share four reasons your photograph needs to go through a post-production process:

1. RAW Photos Are Full Of Flaws

We all know that magazine companies do not publish RAW photos of their models. It means that it is also enhanced to remove certain flaws, such as scars, a tattoo (if a model’s tattoo doesn’t match the product being endorsed), or even birthmarks. 

If a photo session happens outdoors, the weather also won’t coordinate with photography all the time. There are times when the light does not hit exactly where you want it, and the sky will become gloomy all of a sudden just before a shoot that needs a bright environment. There are also days when an accidental shot becomes the best shot.

Post-production can help in these unexpected scenarios so that your time, effort, and money won’t be put to waste in scheduling another photo op service.

2. Post-production Adds Life to Images

Regardless of how advanced your camera may be, it cannot capture shades and colors the way your eyes see it. Cameras are sensitive to light and shadows, and even with the proper camera settings, images still can’t be captured in a way that is similar to the visions of a photographer. 

Photos taken in amusement parks and parties, for example, are expected to appear colorful, but an image may not reflect its real colors. This is important in product photography now that customers mainly rely on the images of the products before purchasing. As such, you will want to make it look as close to the real product as possible to gain product trust, as post-production can help with that. 

3. Your Vision Is as Close to Impossible

When discussing your vision with the photographer, you might have an idea in your mind that can seem amazing when envisioned. But there are visions that are nearly impossible to produce with just a camera. You would not want to climb the mountains or buy a new camera just to capture your moments in front of a mesmerizing full moon. This is when post-production comes into the picture. 

During this stage, commercial photographers can alter the image by adding or removing elements to make your vision come to life. Through post-production, you can add drama and emotion to your photos!

4. Good Photos Can Be Even Better

Post-production transforms a photographer into a viewer. This is the time to see which elements can even be improved. With minimal adjustments, it can expose an element that was washed away by light during the photo shoot. A small addition of exposure or shadow can make a big difference in a portrait. On top of that, by simply cropping, you can change the focus or subject in the image. These are a few of the things you can improve during post-production!


You might already be aware that all things you see in images aren’t the same in real life, but post-production should not be seen as something negative. This is because it will always be associated with photography, and its aim is not to deceive people but to improve images and create more creative outcomes. 

If you require professional touch-ups for your images, then you are in the right place. Armitage Photography gives you a fresh photo with our different photography services in Georgia, especially in post-production, from color corrections to image cleanups. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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